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I was once told that I can't help everyone even though I may want to.  However, I could not be molded into something that I am not.  Although I do know that it is not humanly possible to help everyone, my heart still tells me that I can try to help as many people as I possibly can. This is my journey, my goal, & my life purpose!


inspirational & motivational speaker

As the best inspirational & top motivational speaker I have a signature talk that will change your mindset

My goal is to share, inspire, & change people's lives by showing them how to get past the obstacles we must face in our lives. In my 30's I lost all of my family & a child, had cervical cancer, got divorced,  had financial distress, let people steer me the wrong direction in life, business & dating, made several wrong decisions, had friends that failed me, & lost the home I grew up in.  While all of this was happening, I was engaging in careers that did not serve me or my life purpose in helping others so I was unhappy as well. What's my point? I've been there and now I'm here! There is a way to change your perspective on how you look at these things that happen to you. Today, I'm happy, stronger than I ever have been, I'm at peace, & I'm manifesting my heart's desires as an entrepreneur. No matter where you are in life you can change the outcome & get through your problems.

Why do some people live every single day of their life in the past & in pain? Why do people constantly fear the future? They can get passed the pain, the roadblocks, & life's challenges. They can be strong & successful regardless of what they have been through they just need someone to show them how. If only people knew that their entire life depends on how they react to those thoughts that haunts their mind on a daily basis. I know, because I was there too many times and each time I grew stronger! Stay in control of the pain & let it be your suit of armor. It will be there to remind you, but it will not control you! Without control, you are doing damage to yourself mentally, physically, emotionally, & spiritually!  You are a universal powerhouse but don't know how to turn the power on and that is where I help you. My passion is to help people everywhere to realize that they can acquire whatever it is they desire.

Signature Talk


* Fear...stops you from living; learn to live in the moment

* create negative thoughts & outcomes; start creating positive ones

* Your Mind...control this & learn how to use your master key by SWIPING

What are your beliefs?


Life, energy, & growth

It is no miracle that we can love, in fact we are supposed to live with our hearts not our minds. With love miracles happen & it enables us to grow. What you give in life will come back 10 x's greater. Have you ever heard someone say that they donate whenever they possibly can even if it's just $1? There is much truth to this! When you open up your heart & give, you open up your heart to receive. When you live with your heart joy enters your life. Love & happiness heals you mentally, physically, emotionally, & spiritually. A coach can help you tune in to your inner self.


Being happy & living in the present moment

Now I know you have heard that laughter is a natural medicine, & if you haven't I'm telling you that it is! I absolutely love a good laugh! Laughing  feels so amazing especially when you laugh so hard that tears are running down your cheek. Live in the present moment & take note of how someone looks when they laugh. You can almost see their soul through their joy. Laughter triggers the release of those feel-good chemicals called endorphins of which give you a sense of well-being & can relieve pain temporarily.


Imagination is everything

Okay, seriously when was the last time you played like you were a kid?! Kids use their imagination all of the time believing that they have something they have yet to receive. Imagine being pain free & that pain does not exist in your life!  When was the last time you played hide-n-seek? My favorite... jumping out at my teenage son  from behind a wall after I quietly waited 10 minutes to scare him. If you want a good laugh, to feel like a kid again, to feel energized, & stay youthful physically; you have got to play, have fun & enjoy life!


Valuable Questions to Ask Yourself (pdf)


Fixed v Mindset Growth (pdf)


Quiz_emotional eating (pdf)