Skye Fleming
Skye Fleming

The power of positivity: you are in control more than you may think

Become a Better, Stronger You

Mindset Coach, Hypnotist, & Speaker

Reach Your fullest Potential

I help business women who are afraid of either failing or succeeding in their business. This fear alone is enough to sabotage your success. Not only will I coach you on how to think differently, but also through hypnotherapy we're able to go into your subconscious where change actually takes place. 



Inside you will learn about:

Being open minded

Meditation and why it’s important

Vibrational Frequency & how it truly affects us

The real meaning of Buddha

Simple facts everyone should know

Yoga techniques for peace

Your time & programmed mind

Hypnotherapy & Coaching combined

Fear & Coincidences



Cool stuff about our bodies

Egypt’s mysteries that explain so much about us


Speaking Engagement


I appreciate you in considering me for your upcoming speaking engagement

My passion is to help business women realize that they can acquire whatever it is they desire. I show them how and why to stop living in fear of either failing or succeeding in their business.  Anything is possible to achieve when you rewire the way your mind sees the results that you want.  

 Even if you are standing in a room with 10 other people that do the same thing you do it does NOT mean you should feel negative, have self-doubt, or question if you are in the wrong business! Competition is good because it means there is a demand for it just like any other business such as car insurance, real estate, & salons, etc. Money is everywhere for you to grab and there is plenty for everyone!!!

Signature Talk

  Reach Your Fullest Potential:

* The one self-doubt question that you should pay attention to

* Belief System... discover how you think blocks your goals

* are talking yourself out of the future you desire

* in fear will destroy your chances of success

" Negative events do not define you or your destiny" is the belief at the foundation of all that I do.

6 months of coaching


Do you have that inner voice that says "what if...?" Negative self-talk is a great way to talk yourself out of just about anything.  So many women have had several careers throughout their lifetime and not all were successful or at least they were at some point but something went wrong.  If you know that the business you are running right now could be better but it is you that is keeping yourself from reaching your fullest potential, then we need to address this now before it is too late.  I don't want you to question or doubt your capability of success. This is your moment to shine, your moment to move forward, & your opportunity in life to be a universal powerhouse.

I will give you the guidance & support that you need in a safe place. You will learn how to get focused,  set goals that are achievable,  become confident, stand in your success, trust your voice,  influence others, create a vision, release emotional ties that break you, & release  fear so you can move forward. You will learn how to have better control over your thoughts & emotions so you can feel motivated again & emotionally unstuck.  All of this will provide you with a healthier well-being, & the tools you need to help you move forward to live your best life. 

In this 6 month program you will receive 3  thirty minute sessions per month, access to me, weekly worksheets, and other bonuses. You will  also be introduced to self-hypnosis. Having this added into the program will help you to accelerate with being able to release any blocks that are tied to you that are not within your reach because they are hidden within your subconscious.  I will show you how to retrain your mind to reach unlimited possibilities.  

            What is Hypnotherapy?              




Can we benefit from one another?

I belong to a networking group of 5000+ entrepreneurial  women that get together every single week to inspire, motivate, support, share, & to refer one another to those needing our services. Another words, I have a lot of connections that you may need to acquire. I am always surrounded by entrepreneurial women and meet new business women on a weekly basis.  On the other hand  you may need me for yourself, your clients,  your speaking engagement, or your employees.  

Knowing what I do, can we help each other grow and refer clients & resources to one another? For example , if you run an organization that funds women entrepreneurs and I coach business women to not fear failure or success so they can be successful,  that's a win for your investment on them and it's a client for me.  I'm sure you see the other side of this as well where I can send women your way who are in need of funding for their business.

thriving employees


Employees can either grow or sink a business

Imagine for a moment what you would like your business to look like. What are your employees doing? How are they contributing to the growth of your company? How are sales and customer retention?  Do they seem to always be in a bad mood or not quite playing the team player role as they should be?

A happy employee who understands certain principles & techniques to make the most out of their day both in their personal & professional life will absolutely be more productive with positive results. That is what I bring to the table!

Don't have time, don't know how, or are you simply just tired of dealing with it? 

That's okay because it's my job to get you the results you want...


What are your beliefs?



It is no miracle that we can love, in fact we are supposed to live with our hearts not our minds. With love miracles happen & it enables us to grow. What you give in life will come back 10 x's greater. Have you ever heard someone say that they donate whenever they possibly can even if it's just $1? There is much truth to this! When you open up your heart & give, you open up your heart to receive. When you live with your heart joy enters your life. Love & happiness heals you mentally, physically, emotionally, & spiritually. A coach can help you tune in to your inner self.



Now I know you have heard that laughter is a natural medicine, & if you haven't I'm telling you that it is! I absolutely love a good laugh! Laughing  feels so amazing especially when you laugh so hard that tears are running down your cheek. Live in the present moment & take note of how someone looks when they laugh. You can almost see their soul through their joy. Laughter triggers the release of those feel-good chemicals called endorphins of which give you a sense of well-being & can relieve pain temporarily.



Okay, seriously when was the last time you played like you were a kid?! Kids use their imagination all of the time believing that they have something they have yet to receive. Imagine being pain free & that pain does not exist in your life!  When was the last time you played hide-n-seek? My favorite... jumping out at my teenage son  from behind a wall after I quietly waited 10 minutes to scare him. If you want a good laugh, to feel like a kid again, to feel energized, & stay youthful physically; you have got to play, have fun & enjoy life!

Vision & mission statement

My vision is to provide a relaxing and natural safe place for my clients where I am an active listener with a deep empathetic understanding through communication. Therefore providing inspiration, knowledge, peace, and happiness while making other's lives more pleasant. 



My mission provides the faith that I will touch many hearts while inspiring, educating, and motivating each person to become the higher being they were meant to be. 



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