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Your problems are costing you a lot & affecting you in many different ways. Are you tired of being tired, staying awake at night, have mood swings, depression, arguing with loved ones, or feeling like you've lost control of your life? I can help you to release your stress so that you can sleep, feel great, be happier, & have energy again to accomplish anything. I will teach you how it is possible to achieve everything you want. I will show you how to manifest more money & time so that you have more options in life. Let me take you beyond prescription drugs, affirmations, vision boards, & positive thinking!!! 


Usui Ryoho Reiki Master

Reiki is a noninvasive hands-on alternative therapy used in hospitals that originated in Japan to heal, cleanse, and detoxify the system. Reiki energy is a holistic way to help with pain, accelerate healing, stress, anxiety, insomnia, mild depression, hormonal imbalances, fatigue, trauma, grief, high blood pressure, OCD, clear emotional blocks, balancing of energies, infertility, and more. Let Reiki energy enter into your life & you will feel the difference

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American Board Transpersonal Hypnotist

Your subconscious is 90% in control & where change actually takes place.  As an American Board Certified Transpersonal Hypnotist I can help you resolve several areas that you may have problems with in your life. Hypnosis is great for stress, smoking, weight loss, sport enhancement, fears, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, insomnia, addictions, & so much more. Hypnosis was used in sleep temples held by the Egyptians

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Master Certified Manifesting Life Coach

I can help you to open many new doors. There's a lot more to it than affirmations, vision boards, & positive thinking in order to live an abundant life & to manifest what you want. So many coaches are selling programs or telling people to do these things but this isn't the key! They're only giving you some of the pieces to the puzzle & these pieces are everywhere you look. I fill in those missing puzzle pieces. I give you the keys! 

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Program & Pricing

Hi, nice to meet you! Did you know that stress is the #1 cause for doctor visits causing so many health related problems & disease & that it is poorly treated with drugs? Side effects that stress puts on you physically, emotionally, & mentally creates havoc on your system & can slowly kill you. I prefer to take a more holistic approach through the use of Reiki, Hypnotherapy, Coaching, & Meditation. I can help you with your health in an almost endless amount of ways which you can read about under Reiki & Hypnosis, however I do specialize in stress management, mindset, & manifesting.

When you choose to work with me you have to do a minimum of 3 sessions because I feel that it would be dishonest to tell you that you will get everything you want to achieve from anything less. In fact, with 3 sessions you will most likely see short-term results. The longer you work with me the better!!! The ideal way to have long lasting permanent change & to reap the full benefits is anywhere from 9-18 sessions. It usually take 21 times to adapt to change, so when you think about this it does make logical sense. 



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