We meet virtually every week for 1 hour for 9 weeks (9 sessions total) 60% of physicians are referring their patients out to complementary therapies. One session of Hypnosis is equal to 10 sessions of counseling or psychotherapy. 145 ways Hypnosis can help

$97 per session

Transformation Coaching

We meet virtually every 10 days for 1 hour for 90 days (9 sessions total). Some topics may include but are not limited to are:

- finding balance & happiness in life

- less stress and anxiety

- freedom from time, worry, and fears

- build self-esteem and confidence

- defining and finding what success means to you

- creating and attracting abundance and money

- career changes or business development

$197 per session

Spiritual Counseling

We meet virtually every week for 1 hour for 9 weeks (9 sessions total). Stop feeling alone and depressed, build confidence, have less stress, have the guidance and support needed for a healthy relationship with yourself and others, and learn how to figure out the necessary steps needed that will enable you to take action to change things in your life. 



-passing of a loved one

-addiction-based relationships: This is for those who are in a relationship with someone who has an addiction. This is not for those who have an addiction & should seek help from the appropriate authorities.

$77 per session


Let me motivate & inspire your audience. Life unfolds many paths along the journey we each must go through. It is in deciding not only what path to take but also how we will handle whatever that path may reveal to us. I have traveled through the endless trails of pain and sorrow, defeat and hatred, and have suffered the loss of so much along the way to get to where I am. It is my duty to empower people everywhere with the opportunity to see what is dormant inside of them and to bring that to life of which was always meant to shine from within. 

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Ultimate Transformation

If you are serious about changing everything in your life, this uses a combination of all services. We meet virtually every 10 days for 2 hours for 90 days (9 sessions total). I know that we all run into different problems where every single day we are faced with new challenges. Change takes time and there is no magic pill that happens over night. There is, however, knowledge & techniques that will change your life forever.

$497 per session

Master Transformation

Work with me for 6 months while we meet virtually every 10 days for 2 hours (18 sessions total) to achieve long-term success and more. You will be given additional tools in this program to help you with your transformation. You will also have unlimited access to me via text during reasonable hours. Master Transformation will give you the keys to open all the doors that have been closed to you for so long. Here is where you will learn to master yourself from within.