AMERICAN BOARD CERTIFIED to help with stress & anxiety

Hypnotherapy is a great alternative to holistic medicine. It helps with stress, anxiety, depression, pain, insomnia, weight loss, bad habits, & addictions.

Hypnotherapy is an amazing way to help you with so many of today's problems that people experience such as sport enhancement, stress, anxiety, bad habits, smoking etc. Follow this link to give you yourself an idea of how Hypnotherapy can help:      145 WAYS HYPNOTHERAPY CAN HELP

"What we think, we become" -Buddha. With Hypnosis I put you into an altered state of consciousness (ASC). It feels like you are meditating in a peaceful and relaxed environment. You end up being in between what is known as the sleep state and awake state. This is when I am able to communicate not to your conscious but your subconscious. This is important because this is where everything has been imprinted like bad habits. This is where change actually happens because your subconscious is much stronger than your conscious. I go into your master control system & suggest the things you tell me you want changed. 

There was a survey by Alfred A. Barrios, PhD., that was printed in the American Health magazine that stated the following findings:

  • Behavior therapy had a 72% recovery rate after 22 sessions
  • Psychoanalysis had a 38% recovery after 600 sessions
  • Hypnotherapy had a 93% recovery after 6 sessions 

We can only work on one thing at a time otherwise you confuse your subconscious and you will not make any progress. Realize you may even need more than 6 sessions dependent upon how deep the root issue really is. This will also allow you to feel the full benefit of what you are trying to achieve.


​60% of doctor visits in the United States are due to stress-related problems. Most of these are poorly treated by drugs, surgery, or other medical procedures.  60% of physicians are referring their patients out to complimentary therapies especially for mild depression, stress & anxiety. It is well-documented that Hypnosis is very effective in helping patients with presurgery preparation and post surgery healing, Insomnia, Fibromyalgia, Chemotherapy side effects, and Hypertension. 70% of the 46 million Americans who smoke want to quit & usually try to quit several times before permanently kicking the habit. Unfortunately, those who do not participate in a cessation program, about 95% will fail at quitting. Also, 95% of diets fail! 




  • Provides the best mental and physical stress relief creating an optimal state of health and wellness
  • It is the bridge between the mind, the body, and the spirit
  • You cannot become stuck in hypnosis since you cannot get stuck in a set of brain waves. This would mean that people could get stuck in their sleep which we know is impossible
  • Anyone with a normal brain function can enter into hypnosis. Just like a dream, the client may recall some or most of what happened during the session
  • Positive suggestions are processed properly and are actually 30% more effective. The subconscious mind does not process negatives which are 30% less effective.
  • The suggestion given to the subconscious becomes a belief, changes the behavior, and creates an effect or action
  • Hypnosis gets to the root of the problem which is stored in the subconscious allowing the client to release the problem, heal, and create change
  • The client is always in control of their session. If it goes against their belief system they will either reject the suggestion or come out of hypnosis

Brain wave activity is divided into four levels of cycles per second:​

Beta: Full consciousness, awake 

Alpha: Falling asleep at night & waking up in  - Hypnosis   - Meditation 

Theta: Early stages of sleep - Deep meditation  - Deep hypnosis 

Delta: Full sleep to deepest sleep

Here is a weight loss story that was achieved through Hypnotherapy:
Take the steps necessary to follow your path with a Life Coach that specializes in CEO's, employee satisfaction, corporate coaching, executive coaching, business coaching, couples coaching, stress & anxiety
Take the steps necessary to follow your path with a Life Coach that specializes in CEO's, employee satisfaction, corporate coaching, executive coaching, business coaching, couples coaching, stress & anxiety