Flower Essences

What is Flower Essence Therapy


  • Established in 1936 by Doctor Edward Bach & are in great demand throughout the world
  • Used by mystics and historians in Atlantis, Lemuria, ancient Egypt, & China for centuries
  • There are non-toxic with no side effects or any dangers of an overdose
  • Safe for adults, children, people on medications, the elderly, mothers-to-be, and pets
  • Similarities between flower essences & homeopathic remedies are that they are both based on energetic principles instead of biochemical principles. Also, homeopathic remedies are used to counteract symptoms very much like pharmaceutical medicines. Flower essences are only made from fresh blossoms while homeopathic remedies may be made from any part of the plant or from mineral, animal or human substances
  • Aromatherapy oils may contain toxic or even poisonous components from the plants so they should not be taken internally. Flower essences are not in any way toxic or poisonous and can be taken internally with no concern for side effects
  • The main difference between flower essences and aromatherapy oils is that an essence does not contain any part of the plant itself
  • Herbal remedies on the other hand do contain large quantities of the plant in their contents and may have deleterious side effects and a potential for overdosing if used improperly

They work in a way similar to inspirational music or art which carry meaning through the medium of sound and light. Flower essences work through the medium of water. Flower essence therapy works through the idea that the thoughts, feelings & experiences of the human psyche are reflections of the same cosmic laws inherent in the growth patterns, shapes, colors, fragrances, & the vital energies which are expressed in the flowering plant.

Flower essences are typically ingested directly by mouth and contain no chemical constituents. For those that are alcohol sensitive please let me know because I can use Red Shiso as the natural preservative, apple cider vinegar, or vegetable glycerin in my dosages. Red Shiso is a perennial plant from Japan, acts a stabilizer and preservative, and also enhances each Essence. 

Red Shiso gently and thoroughly protects the vibration of each Essence while working in complete harmony with the energy of every Flower. You may also add a few drops to a glass of water or tea if you prefer and they can even be dropped onto a pillow or into a bath, added to beauty products, or even place on pulse points like perfume. 

When one of your systems is off balance the rest of your body is affected. In order to have your system running at 100% we need to balance the flow of energy throughout your body. Such things as lack of energy could be due to this cause as a result. Think of your body as a car where if one of the spark plugs is not working so well then the rest of the plugs have to compensate for it and work a little harder to keep it running. 

With herbs and oils,we need to understand the impact of their chemicals on our body, along with any existing medical conditions, age, interaction with pharmaceuticals, supplements, other herbs,etc. With the essential oils you are bringing in the aroma, which is actually thousands of tiny chemical molecules that immediately affect the senses and the brain. Flower essences treat the emotional body while essential oils treat the physical body. 

Essences work by vibration so they are effective when they match the core mental or emotional challenges you face. If the only thing being addressed is surface symptoms, then there may not be much impact from the formula. Most of the changes you will see in working with essences will be subtle. Some of the things you may notice are clearer thinking, you’ll be more focused, your dreams become more vivid, & small change in emotions or mental states occur as well. 

Flower Essences have an array of benefits:

  • Addiction, anxiety, insomnia, concentration
  • Fear, worries,
  • Daydreaming, withdrawing, lack of concentration
  • Lack of energy, fatigue
  • Fear of losing control, temper, rage, explode
  • Obsessive, poor self image
  • Depression, trauma, stress, mental anguish
  • Imbalance, dizziness
  • Intimacy, infertility, letting go of the past
  • Lost motivation, lack of ambition
  • Stimulate sexual and reproductive energy…and more

You will automatically be sent a dosage bottle per month for 3 months

Flower essence therapy is a great alternative to holistic medicine
Flower essence therapy is a great alternative to holistic medicine