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Moving Forward...

Is Every Single Day the Same?

We all get up and start another day over again. Are there any variances in your routine or are you on a strict command of ego satisfying justice? Routines are awesome! Schedules are good! Achieving goals even better! If you do not have one single variance in your daily life then how can you experience this gift we call life? It would be like putting you inside of a bubble where nothing ever changes. There is nothing beyond that scope. If you really want to experience the deep dark pleasures that can hit every nerve and raise every bump on your body as the tingle is slowly blown up the spine of your back as you feel the arousal from what you are experiencing... It's okay to let go and not be so serious all the time. Really, it's okay! The pleasure alone is very satisfying! I love adventure, I love being spontaneous, & I love planning things out too! I have so much passion, desire, love, and strength inside of me. Find your inner Goddess and amplify that shit!

Still Angry About Something From Last Week?

It's okay, but you have to move on, seriously! You cannot change the past, it's gone, poof! Every single second that ticks away you are in charge of making choices for your life. Why are you choosing to be in a bad mood about something you can't change. Maybe you can change something but that would be for today not last week so you need to feel today's emotions with today's decisions and today's actions. Besides, if you live in the past you'll never be here in the present moment with me ;) If you want more pleasure in life you have to accept the fact that you are going to have to accept new facts!

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I Love Moments Like This

Trying to Swindle Me?!

So my older daughter and I went to celebrate Mother's Day because she won't be around next weekend. We had a great time going for pedicures, going out to eat, then enjoying a small buzz and conversation before she took off. When we were done we were charged double the price. Realize my daughter picked a normal color and I asked for a French manicure which is only $5 more from what came with the classic package. The total obviously made no sense. It should have been $70 total for both of us + $5 yet she said it was $142! Then she says, "no chip." What! Seriously? I never asked for no chip. When we were brought back, like literally our nail polish bottles were already there next to our chairs. Then the lady told me to go back to the chair so she can take off the no chip since I do not want it and that she'll repaint my nails with regular white polish. WOW! LMFAO!!! So, she wanted to take more of my time, use more of her products, and this solves what? I've never dealt with anything like that before nor been accused of asking for something that I really never asked for. Talk about ridiculous!

Anyways, the good outweighs the bad as it should. I didn't let something so silly get in the way of my happiness; today was my day! I came up with a compromise and settled. Some things just are not worth it. I did stand up for myself because the whole thing was just bad. That's like charging someone for a color when they only got a haircut, right?! Good memories is what I call it and it's a Mother's Day to remember for sure! So, I hope everyone makes the most just not of that particular day, but let it be a lesson to live in the moment and don't let things come in between you and your happiness.

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What Are Your Lessons?

Are You Really Paying Attention?

Here I am, age 45, wondering where the hell 25 years of my life went?! Damn, it went by so quickly too! My oldest daughter is turning 25 this summer OMG! My journey was slow and long so I can tell you that things really don't just happen over night. There is NO special magical online webinar or pill that can beat me on this either so don't get fooled and save your money! Life is effort but I can tell you that eventually you will see something at the end of that effort. It may not seem like it now, but you have to be patient. We are all unique and whatever challenges you may be facing, I guarantee that someone else somewhere has even bigger challenges they are facing. It holds so true when you here people say that it could be a lot worse. They are right and it can be. Point being here is that whatever you are going through is for a reason. I know that may sound crazy but hold on. I'm sure you've heard of life lessons and this is what you need to understand. No matter how bad or how small it may be you have to sit back, relax, think outside the box, & figure out what exactly is the lesson here to be learned.

My first husband abused me in several ways of which included physical abuse. I can tell you that there were many lessons to be learned. Today as a mature woman who has found self-completeness I can say "thank you" to him. What? Is she crazy? Thank him! #@*#! I know what you may be thinking. He did that stuff to me and I should have other visions yes? Maybe the old immature me did, however, if I were weak today because of him then I lay at his level and he wins! Negative thoughts will lead me to nowhere! Guess what? He will NEVER win! I am who I am today because of him. I am a strong confident woman because of him. I would never let another man hit me because of him. This time I would kick his you know what before he could even raise his hand! I stand up for myself in ALL situations because of him. I have dissolved business relationships when people were against it because I knew that one person would ruin the business and it is all because of him. I do NOT live in fear. I live in the present moment which has served me well. There are so many great lessons that came from those horrible years with him.

"Stare at the stars every night with wonder and curiosity as you start tapping into the mystical world we live in. Don't feel lost, instead slowly become reconnected!" -Skye

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The Balance of Life

Opening up to You

Hi, how've you been? I've had a very interesting past two weeks! My car may have a blown motor, I have a tooth that has an abscess, mammogram results show that I may have a tumor on my left breast and need further testing, my one daughter got into a car accident, my other daughter was hospitalized for the fifth time, a payment to me was never received, energy is drained from health issues, due to chest pain I also have to see a cardiologist. This is not the complete list by any means, however, it's a clear enough picture of how life has unfolded just to give you an idea that you're not alone with your problems. The main question here is, "how do you look at your problems?"

I'm sharing this with you because you have to remember that you're not being singled out from the rest of the world. There truly is a balance in life and you will only go as far as you can handle but then there is only one way to return and that is back up again. Life is like the ocean waves where sometimes the tide is high and sometimes the tide is low. Just know when that tide is low that eventually it has to go back up again. It may not feel like it but it will. Have faith in knowing that everything that is happening to you is for a reason, you just need to figure it out the life lessons being presented before you. All of it really is balance in life. My pendulum was swinging pretty good so I needed to figure out the puzzle in order to solve why all of this negativity happened. I have an idea but further research and study has to be done.

I've noticed that when these events do happen to me there is a pattern where each time I'm given even more to handle all at once. Overwhelming and stressful? Sure but I also know that this is it, this is a test before my greatness comes. I have got to show my strength, wisdom, faith, and love knowing that on the other side after all of this is a beautiful sky full of magic and stars. I know I was meant to do something great and that I have a purpose here on earth. So go ahead and continue to test me to see just how much I can handle as I climb up this ladder that leads me towards my destiny. I am ready, I have always been ready, I follow the clues and I connect the dots. When bad things happen people have a tendency to look down, if only they'd realize it's as easy as just looking up. Stay positive knowing there is a light that you will see.

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Ever Have This Happen to You?


Do I go out there or do I not go out there?! It's bin night, ya know... garbage! It was my turn to bring them to the end of the driveway. It was almost 10pm so I didn't want to make noise any time after that. A group of guys were hanging out in the cul-de-sac being very loud, so I did not want to open my garage door and go out there. I was also wearing a pink low cut fitted tank, so I really did not want to go out there! Then I thought, "I could go put on a jacket and do it." No! I should not have to change my clothes or alter my outfit just to bring out the damn garbage. No! This is so silly and stupid! I should be able to bring out my garbage with zero stress, right?!

So, have you ever had this happen to you? It's really interesting how we can react to shit. Seriously, all we had to do was to take a step back for a moment to view it as a whole. I call this my 3-6-9 solution.

3 reasons I need to see clearly:

1- Why am I feeling the way that I am feeling?

2- Is it true or is it crap my mind made up?

3- Are other things interacting with my judgement where I am ignoring my inner guidance – my intuition?

6 ways to solve the problem:

1- Identify that the problem is not with them, it's with me

2- Why is it with me into the fact of why do I have this problem?

3- Realize the truth shall set you free. I'm a little insecure, I want nothing to do with men, I don't want to hear what they have to say or deal with them all staring at me which is so annoying

4- Realize that I cannot live in the eyes of others

5- Who gives a fuck what they think? It's none of my business what other people think! This is my life. I'm here to make me happy.

6- Stare or talk about me, I don't care. I want to take out my garbage so I can go watch that movie, I want to feel good about having it done, I want to feel accomplished and confident, I want to prove to myself that no matter what the obstacle is I will conquer my fears.

Now, are you going to let a group of guys take all of this good stuff away from you? Hell no you're not! You gotta do you! You have to seriously be a little selfish to make yourself happy. You literally in your mind have to say, "fuck everyone else and what they may think about me!" Stop caring!!! Otherwise you will never get to where you want to go in life and achieve whatever it is you want to achieve! Nine times each day read the following solution – say it, think it, feel it, & feel it as though it's already done. In 12 weeks re-evaluate yourself to see where you are and accommodate for those changes. It does NOT matter if you are religious or spiritual – you have the power within you to change your mindset!

" I am the God–power and the God–power within me is greater than any negative frequency so I yield my mind and body to the God–power within me that brings peace, prosperity, health, and abundance." -University of Sedona

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It's Just One of Those Days

May I Rant Just a Little ?

Where do I begin? Ever have that day where almost everything goes wrong? You want to rant, have a drink, or maybe you crave that cigarette you've not had in how long, or simply you just wanna scream "fuck you!" Well I had one of those days last week and the interesting part was that all day my 19yr old son had the same bullshit happening to him all day. Wow! What the hell right? Let it go...just let it go 😌 😭 🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷

Prior to this I was very saddened and felt like I had an empty hole. They ended Queen of the South! OMFG!!!! Why??? I was traumatized for like a week. I went through this same traumatization with Twilight and The 100. Recently I found Big Little Lies and yes that spark ignited again within me. Oh but then it ended after season two and there was no more. I absolutely loved the women and their personalities too because I related to them so much!!!

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