Who is Skye Fleming?

Growing up Skye was involved in various activities — tap dancing, ballet, jazz, choir, piano, horseback riding, ice-skating. When she was ten years old she danced for the Chicago Bears during half-time at a fundraiser. At thirteen, she was writing her own music and dreaming of being on television. By the time Skye was sixteen, she knew she wanted to entertain the world with her ocean blue eyes and bright personality. To this day she loves to make people laugh while the inner child is consistently on fire.

Skye has a diverse background that has taught her not only strong work ethics but also skills that she can utilize her entire life. She enjoys new adventures and challenges while her diversity enables her to build upon whatever her heart desires. She loves to learn new things and is constantly reading books. She can also write about various topics which helped her to receive an A+ on her research papers all throughout college. In 2007, about two years after the passing of her mother, Skye wrote her first two children's books. 

Currently, Skye is passionate about travel, animals, business for women, & spirituality. However, when it comes to writing a book, Skye primarily focuses on fiction. This genre enables her to release whatever craziness lies in the realm of her mind. Her inspirations are ignited by the creative imagination she's had since she was a child. Skye has always been a multi-passionate entrepreneur, adventurer, both an introvert and extrovert, spontaneous, caring, and fun to be around. 

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Skye's Mission

She has a deep love and passion for animals on our planet and is committed to saving animals around the world that don't have a voice to speak for themselves. Too many animals are suffering hoping that tomorrow will bring less pain. As a pet owner and animal lover, it is her goal to save as many animals as she can to help this fight against cruelty.